The perfect summer farm jobs ?

what is the perfect jobs during the summer when you are young ?


It seems that the Dairy farm jobs are really good !

Your remuneration can not be lower than the hourly SMIC, ie 9,76 euros gross (before contribution) / hour – 1,480.27 euros gross per month (after contributions on the basis of 35h) – Amounts on 1st January 2018. The remuneration must be indicated on your contract, it does not include the premium of precariousness and the paid vacation, which you will touch at the end of your contract. If you are an animator in a holiday center (fed and housed), you average between 14 euros and 28 euros per day. 46 euros per day in a center without accommodation. Taxes: Under 26s are exempt from tax on wages earned during studies or during school periods, within the limit of 3 months of SMIC for one year.